Sponsorship Opportunities

Football Toowoomba is offering businesses an opportunity to advertise on our new website. With Australia’s involvement in the 2006 World Cup and qualification process through Asia for the 2010 World Cup, soccer will enjoy a very high profile within sporting circles, now and in the future.

At present there are 2300 junior players, directly affecting 3800 parents and 500 seniors playing in competitions in Toowoomba. This means our web site is being accessed directly by almost 5% of Toowoomba’s population and another 5% of indirect family members.

We offer a direct link to your web site. You will enjoy a much larger cross section of the community accessing your web site. If you take up this opportunity, Football Toowoomba guarantees we will not approach businesses of a similar type. After the initial 12 months your business will be given first opportunity to renew this agreement before similar businesses are approached.

Our data base is complete. This data base gives us the opportunity to email players and parents direct. There are now packages available for businesses who wish to sponsor us by having their details on every email sent to our members. This would mean businesses could have their contact information sent to over 2300 households once a month.

Please Contact Us for more information, or if you are interested in taking up this opportunity.